The 10 Best Sunset Dinner Cruises in Maui

Updated Oct 10, 2023 ,

Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise

Are you looking for the best Maui sunset dinner cruises? Our favorite is Pride of Maui’s sunset luau cruise, but there are four different types to choose from in Maui. Each tour is a little different, around 2-3 hours, and guaranteed to be a good time.

In this post, we’ll help you decide which option is best for you by covering the four types of sunset cruises available, the providers to consider, and what each cruise offers.

Sunset Dinner Cruises in Maui

Unlike other cruises that provide only appetizers and drinks, Sunset Dinner Cruises in Maui go the extra mile by offering a full meal. These cruises blend the pleasures of dining with the magic of a Pacific sunset, creating an unforgettable experience.

Ka’anapali Sunset Dinner Cruise

Departing from Ka‘anapali Beach, this tour starts by boarding a luxury 65ft beach loading catamaran run by Sea Maui. Once aboard, you’ll be treated to an open bar and dinner of local foods followed by a champagne toast and cheers to mark the end of another magical Maui day.

Ka'anapali Gourmet Sunset Dinner Cruise

Embark on a Teralani Sailing sunset dinner cruise in Maui. Sail on a luxurious catamaran, feel the thrill of the trade winds, and dine on a gourmet meal by Chef Paris Nabavi while the sun sets over Maui’s coast. Enjoy the open bar, breathtaking ocean views, and a relaxing Maui evening.

Ma'alaea Sunset Dinner Cruise

If you’re staying in South Maui, Calypso Charters offers a sunset dinner cruise aboard a triple-decker catamaran that departs from Ma'alaea Harbor. Once aboard, you’ll be served a complimentary drink as you relax to island-style music before the dinner service starts.

Ma'alaea 4-Course Dinner Cruise

For those looking for a little more, The Pacific Whale Foundation offers a 4-course sunset dinner cruise that starts your meal off with a selection of appetizers before serving your salad, main course, and dessert. This tour guarantees a private outdoor table for you and your group.

Sunset Cocktail Cruises in Maui

For those seeking a more relaxed and casual way to enjoy Maui’s stunning sunsets, Sunset Cocktail Cruises are the way to go. These cruises are all about unwinding, sipping on your favorite beverages, and savoring delightful appetizers as you soak in the picturesque views.

Unlike the hearty meals offered on dinner cruises, Sunset Cocktail Cruises in Maui cater to those who prefer a lighter fare. Picture yourself with a refreshing tropical drink, nibbling on tasty appetizers, and mingling with fellow passengers, all while the sun paints the sky.

Ka'anapali Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Set sail on Teralani Sailing’s original sunset sail in Maui. Cruise board a modern catamaran while relishing in stunning coastal views. As the day winds down, sip refreshing drinks and savor appetizers prepared by a skilled chef. It’s the perfect way to embrace a magical Maui sunset.

Ka'anapali Sunset Cocktail Cruise w/Live Music

Grab an early dinner at Whalers Village, then head over to Sea Maui’s luxurious beach-loading catamaran to enjoy a round of drinks on a sunset cocktail cruise from Ka’anapali Beach. Once aboard, enjoy a pleasant meet-and-greet with the staff before relaxing to live music with a cocktail in hand.

Ma'alaea Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Depart from Ma'alaea Harbor on this sunset cocktail cruise hosted by The Pacific Whale Foundation that offers drinks, appetizers, and dessert. Relax while the boat drifts along Maui’s coastline with Ma'alaea Harbor as your backdrop as the sun dips below the horizon.

Romantic Dinner Cruises in Maui

When romance is on the agenda, there’s nothing quite like the allure of a Romantic Dinner Cruise in Maui. These cruises are tailor-made for couples seeking an intimate and unforgettable evening together in a picturesque Hawaiian setting. Romantic Dinner Cruises are typically reserved for adults only, allowing couples to enjoy each other’s company without distractions.

Ma'alaea Luxury Romantic Dinner Cruise

This cruise aboard the Alii Nui catamaran is considered one of Maui’s finest romantic dinner cruises and is limited to 40 adult passengers to keep the vibe intimate. Enjoy a premium dinner menu and a full open bar as you enjoy the sunset with that special someone. This cruise conveniently includes pick-up from many West and South Maui hotels.

Ma'alaea Romantic Dinner Cruise

A romantic dinner cruise is a great option for those looking for a nice relaxing evening with their significant other in a luxurious setting. This cruise aboard this Trilogy Excursions catamaran departs from Ma'alaea Harbor and includes comfortable on-deck tables for two, a 4-course meal, and an all-you-can-drink open bar.

Luau Dinner Cruises in Maui

Are you looking for a unique and immersive experience in Maui? Luau Dinner Cruises offer an intriguing blend of a traditional Hawaiian luau with the magic of a sunset dinner cruise.

Step aboard these cruises for a journey that combines the vibrant rhythms of a Hawaiian luau with the breathtaking beauty of a Pacific sunset. It’s a sensory delight where you can relish Hawaiian cuisine, enjoy cultural performances, and watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Pride of Maui Sunset Luau Cruise

Last but not least on our list is a one-of-a-kind Sunset Luau Dinner Cruise hosted by the top-rated Pride of Maui aboard their 65-foot, double-deck power catamaran. Departing from Ma'alaea Harbor, this cruise includes Polynesian dance, live music, fresh island food, a premium open bar, and spectacular views of Maui’s coastline while the sun sets.

What Are Maui Sunset Cruises Like?

Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise

A sunset dinner cruise is a great way to take in a breathtaking Maui sunset while dining on a catamaran as you watch the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean. You’ll get a different view of Maui’s coastline, mountain ranges, and neighboring islands, Lanai and Molokai, as the day slowly turns into the evening. During the winter months, you’ll even have a chance to spot humpback whales breaching while you enjoy your dinner.

Sunset dinner cruises are a great option for families, friends, and couples alike. The atmosphere is relaxing, with fresh food, music, and cocktails to help slow things down after an adventurous day on the island. For those traveling with their significant other, there are even romantic cruise options for adults only.

A local and experienced crew hosts each tour, which usually lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours. Cruises depart from many popular West Maui and South Maui locations, such as Ka'anapali or Ma'alaea, and include options for a full dinner or appetizers and cocktails only.

When embarking on a sunset dinner cruise, don’t forget the sun is still out! Make sure to pack your sunglasses and reef-safe sunscreen. It’s also a good idea to bring a camera to capture these amazing sunsets, and don’t forget your picture ID if you plan on enjoying any libations!

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